• Need next-gen speeds? DDR5 is calling.

    From: Crucial Apr-22-2022 10:54:am
    Crucial DDR5 annihilates
    performance bottlenecks
    Did you know DDR5 is nearly 2x faster than DDR4?

    With the high speeds needed for next-gen multi-core CPUs, Crucial DDR5 Memory allows for seamless multitasking, loading, analyzing, editing and rendering even heavy workloads faster — all with higher frame rates, significantly less lag and optimized power efficiency compared to the previous generation (DDR4). Harness the blazing speeds of Crucial DDR5 RAM to break the data bottleneck and unlock the full potential of next-gen desktops and laptops.

    Next-gen speeds are calling. Are you in?

    Crucial DDR5 Laptop Memory
    The phenomenal speed of DDR5 means you can have multiple Chrome tabs open while watching YouTube, editing family photos, and chatting with friends on social media.
    Crucial DDR5 Desktop Memory
    Nearly twice the bandwidth for faster load times, file transfer, downloads, and refresh rates.
    Benchmarking DDR5 and DDR4 client memory

    Crucial's DDR5 delivers next-gen performance

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    Crucial DDR5 Desktop Memory: Not Just Faster. Better.

    Available in blazing speeds of 4800MT/s and densities of up to 32GB at launch, Crucial DDR5 takes a giant leap forward in speed and performance from the previous generation.
    Crucial DDR5 Laptop memory: Powering extreme on-the-go performance

    Crucial DDR5 Laptop Memory provides 1.5x the data rate and 2x the bandwidth of DDR4, empowering your laptop to multitask seamlessly.


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