• THE CATALYST: 3 Things To Stop Stressing in Your Fitness Journey

    From: BodyBuilding.com Nov-22-2023 09:15:am
    Here’s three things that don’t have as large of an impact on your fitness goals as you may think.

    Hey Team,

    We’re living in a time where it’s virtually impossible to escape the tidal wave of marketing, gimmicks and influence both online and IRL. It seems as if every corner you turn, there’s another person telling you what, when, and how to eat, drink, sleep or lift. Some of the most accredited health experts in the world now have podcasts and other mediums where they actively share their research and findings. But it seems like those with the least amount of accreditation sometimes steal the show.

    After spending the last two decades trying to get online, more people are trying to get offline and unplug whenever and wherever they can. It’s not exactly rocket science to figure out the “why” behind that one. Screens alone are burning us out, and the information that we’re consuming isn’t all too innocent, either.

    The most important thing to remember as you’re scrolling, watching or consuming content surrounded around your health, wellness and fitness journey, there’s one key component to keep in mind- they aren’t you.

    What works for most may not work for you. What works for you may not work for your friend, family, coworker, or gym partner. It’s more important than ever to take accountability to figure out what makes you function at the highest level.

    While you’re testing some of your hypotheses and gathering external and internal information, there are a few things you can take off the top of the list. Here’s three things that don’t have as large of an impact on your fitness goals as you may think:

    1. What time of day you workout: For years the idea that you have to workout first thing in the morning has been floating around. In all reality, the best time to workout is the best time that fits into your schedule. Prioritize getting movement in as number one, and the number two factor can be the “when”. A few caveats- you may not want to hit a session in the late hours as it can potentially hinder or disrupt a quality night’s sleep. Good sleep will always trump a good workout. On the flip side, you may not be an early bird, I get it. There might be times in our life where early mornings and late nights are the only way to get workouts in, but when you do have the option of choosing, do it when your body feels most primed to take on load.

    2. Protein consumption timing: I know what you might be thinking- THE ANABOLIC WINDOW. Here’s the thing. If you just crushed 2 hours of weights, fasted, go get some quality food in the engine with a solid serving of protein to repair muscle fibers. If you ate a decent meal right before your lift, you’ll be okay without getting the calories the second you end your last set. All in all, the goal is to hit one ounce of protein per pound of bodyweight throughout your day. Bring a shake or bar for backup if you’re feeling a low after the gym, but don’t stress your system too much about hitting that window.

    3. Stressing over the ideal split: Don’t get me wrong. A structured program is crucial for achieving your goals, but don’t compromise needed rest or body intuition for the sake of the third chest day. The important thing to remember for changing body composition is to 1.) practice progressive overload and 2.) providing the muscle with the correct amount of stimulus. Your program, regardless of goal, should be a fine balance between aerobic, anaerobic, recovery and mobility protocols, plus rest. Any major change of movement from a relatively sedentary period is going to help with results. Just get moving, consistently.

    Keep your nutrition, movement, sleep and stress in check- and don’t sweat the small stuff.

    Until next week. 👋

    Danielle Bitts
    VP of Brand, Bodybuilding.com
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