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    From: RIPTapparel Mar-09-2022 07:28:am
    Happy Friday friend!


    24 HOURS ONLY - $14


    This week's REAPERS CHOICE features 12 new designs, all are $7 off with coupon code "choice".  Apply during checkout.


    12 HOURS LEFT - $19

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    1. 10% of your purchase will be paid to the artist that created the design
    2. We are located just outside of Detroit and ran by a husband/wife duo with their daughter
    3. As of this writing, we have 6,245 artists from around the world.  Find them all here: Artists | RIPT Apparel
    4. We have over 6,500 5-Star reviews. Our fans love us! Reviews | RIPT Apparel
    5. After 36 hours, our daily designs are laid to rest in the t-shirt graveyard (RIPT is short for R.I.P. T-Shirts).  See them here: Graveyard | RIPT Apparel
    6. RIPT was started in 2009!  We are like teenagers, but not mutants nor turtles.
    7. We have an ambassador program where we give free swag to influencers: RIPT REAPERS | RIPT Apparel

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    ~ Elijah, Karissa & Aryonna

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