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    From magnificent mountains to soaring bamboo forests, Japan offers it all...
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    Japan's Natural Wonders
    Japan has always had a fascinating relationship with nature dating back centuries to its indigenous religion, Shintoism. At the heart of Shinto are Kami, powerful spirits that bring nature to life. In Japan, nature is divine, and in its simplest form the Shinto faith cherishes and worships nature.

    Now that Japan's borders are open, visiting in the next few months offers the perfect opportunity to experience Japan's natural treasures in all their glory - with fewer crowds than ever before. Visit this September to see the country awash with the riotous colours of the autumn leaves, or join our exclusive July departure of Jewels of Japan to soak up the scenery in summer. Whenever you decide to go, take advantage of our sensational Japan Sale to save on your long-awaited adventure.
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    Here are just a few of Japan's Top Natural Attractions
    Mount Misen
    Mount Misen, Miyajima
    The picturesque island of Miyajima, south of Hiroshima, is home to gods and deer as well as the leafy Mount Misen, boasting one of the best-preserved forests in Japan. The island's tallest mountain is a vibrant habitat for Japanese macaques, deer and tanuki (an adorable raccoon/dog hybrid) unique to Japan. Because of this, the ecology of the island, from the surrounding ocean to the mountain tops is considered an archetypal model of Japan and is one of the counry's most stunning areas. To top it off, Miyajima is home to the famous floating torii shrine.
    See it for yourself on Jewels of Japan
    Fuji Five Lakes
    Fuji Five Lakes
    As the name suggests, the area at the base of Mount Fuji contains five breathtaking lakes formed by previous eruptions. The Fuji Five Lakes area is a popular weekend getaway for people from the cities and is renowned for its natural beauty and hot springs. Cruise the lakes and soak up the serenity of the mountainscape, and visit Oshino Hakkai for a collection of eight pools formed by the melting show of Mount Fuji - the waters here are so pristine that you can see Mount Fuji and the surrounding landscape reflected on the surface.
    Visit Fuji Five Lakes on A Week in Japan
    Sika Deer
    Sika Deer, Nara
    Founded in 1880 at the base of Mount Wakaksu is the 1200-hectare Nara Park, where more than 1200 wild Sika deer roam. For the Shinto faith Nara Park has long been an important place of worship and is home to the Todai-ji, Kofuku-ji and Kasuga shrine. Even today, deer have free reign over the city and are very comfortable among humans. Because of this they have an enduring bond with the park and are deeply revered in Japanese culture, and now they have been officially classified as a national treasure.
    Meet the Sika deer on Experience Japan
    Arashiyama, Kyoto
    On the outskirts of Kyoto lies the glorious Arashiyama Bamboo Forest. The dense bamboo forest borders the historic town of Arashiyama and sits against a backdrop of Arashiyama Mountain, a habitat for a troop of more than 170 Japanese macaques. Here you can feel an intimate connection with the surrounding environment as the forest walkways create a surreal atmosphere. The bamboo grove has a spiritual function in that the bamboo is considered sacred and used to protect the nearby Shinto shrines from evil spirits.
    See the Bamboo Forest on Off-Beat Japan
    Snow Monkeys
    Snow Monkeys, Nagano
    Located north from Tokyo in Nagano is Joshinetsu-Kogen National Park - a snow monkey’s paradise. Known by ancient Japanese as ‘Hell Valley’ for its unforgiving landscapes, Jigokudani Monkey Park is covered in snow for most of the year and sits 850 metres above sea level. The valley is one of the few places in the world where visitors can observe these social animals in their natural environment. Walking through a picturesque forested valley, you will reach the steaming hot pools where the beautiful Japanese macaques, or snow monkeys, bathe and play in the waters.
    See snow monkeys on Japan Uncovered
    Lake Ashi
    Lake Ashi, Hakone National Park
    Lake Ashi is in Hakone National Park, the most visited national park in Japan, only a short distance from Tokyo. Formed 3,000 years ago at the last eruption of Mount Fuji, Lake Ashi is an iconic symbol of Hakone. While there are several towns and villages along its banks, for the most part the area is undeveloped. Highlights of Lake Ashi include the spectacular panoramic views of Mount Fuji and the volcanic, gaseous Owakudani Valley, where locals boil black eggs in the natural hot springs. Interestingly, these eggs are said to extend your lifespan.
    Go there on Japan & the Scenic South
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