• Writing this was hard...

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    Another way to remember.
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    Hi There,

    Writing this was hard.

    Like others, I have loved and lost pups. They take a piece of our heart with them when they go.

    Thinking about them not being here can be really, well...tough.

    What I’ve found is that focusing on the positive memories and celebrating their life is something that is not only healing but rewarding as well.

    We develop and offer Memorial items for this exact reason...

    ...To memorialize those furry family members who have gone before us, in a way that honors what they gave us.

    Over 100,000 other families have used our memorial items to cherish the memories of their pups. A large amount of them will do something new every year to keep their memories active.

    If you are looking for something to do just that, I’ve put a link below to what we have. Plus I’m including an additional 15% off if that is of interest.

    Either way, we hope that their memories fill your heart with as much good as possible.

    They are truly a gift!

    -Marshall Morris

    iHeartDogs.com, Co-Founder

    Get 15% Off - Use Code: REMEMBER15 

    You can view all of our memorial items here >>> Memorial Collection

    The original bracelet that started it all. Our original one-of-a-kind memorial bracelet has been worn by thousands of pet parents to remember their beloved dogs. When a dog crosses over the Rainbow Bridge, they always take a piece of your heart with them.

    We crafted a unique and symbolic bracelet that memorializes the relationship you have with a dog who has passed on. Each piece features beads with different meanings, all designed to honor the memory of your beloved pup! Grab one for you or for a friend who's dog has passed.


    Get 15% Off - Use Code: REMEMBER15 


    Our furry babies are a constant source of joy, laughter, and wonderful memories. This bracelet is a perfect reminder of those great times together. The arrangement of colored stone beads mimics the arch of a beautiful Rainbow Bridge, where your beloved pet eagerly waits for you🌈. Each color of the rainbow (7 in all) represents one meal provided for a shelter dog through RescueBank in honor of your beloved pup! Grab one for you or a friend today!


    Get 15% Off - Use Code: REMEMBER15 


    More Ways to Honor Your Dog😇

    Adorn your garden, home, or accessorize with a visual reminder you see each day and make a meal donation to shelter dogs through your purchase in honor of your pup's memory.🐾

    1. Forever My Guardian Angel Pup Garden Solar Light

     This solar light is perfect for adding a commemorative statue to your yard or garden, reminiscent of the loving legacy left behind by a pet.

    Image of Forever My Guardian Angel Pup Garden Solar Light

    From: $39.99 Now: $29.99

    2. Dog Memorial Angel with Butterfly Indoor/Outdoor Figurine

    Remember your best friend with a memorial statue that captures the gentle and loving spirit of dogs. The Dog Memorial Angel with Butterfly Figurine is an adorable work of art you’ll cherish for years to come.



    Get 15% Off - Use Code: REMEMBER15 

    3. Forever In My Heart- Memorial Artisan Solar Lantern

    This memorial shadow lantern is perfect for honoring your pup's memory. With the simple touch of a button, this solar-powered lantern casts heart and paw print patterns onto the ground around it, letting you remember that they are always with you.



    4. ‘Forever In My Heart’ Dog Memorial Photo Keychain Locket

    Though your dog has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, carry their memory everywhere with the Forever In My Heart Picture Frame Keychain. When you need to see that sweet doggy face, look in your hand and find your favorite picture of your best friend waiting there to make you smile.



    Get 15% Off - Use Code: REMEMBER15 

    5. You Will Never Leave My Heart- Memorial Garden Stone

    You've lost a friend. They were always there for you, but now they're gone. Memorialize your relationship with this beautiful garden stone - it's the perfect way to honor them and remember all the good times you had together.


    Get 15% Off - Use Code: REMEMBER15 

    Image of Forever in My Heart Rainbow Bridge Memorial Chime
    Image of You Leave Paw Prints On My Heart Frame + Ink Pad
    Image of If Love Could Have Saved You ❤️ You Would Have Lived Forever - Garden Stone
    Image of In Memory Of My Best Friend Car Magnet
    Image of Heart Angel Wings Sterling Silver Ring Feeds 30 Shelter Dogs
    Image of Forever In My Heart Memorial Photo Frame 6
    Image of Always By My Side, Forever In My Heart Keychain & Purse Accessory

    Get 15% Off - Use Code: REMEMBER15 

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