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    It might be the best thing you do for your business
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    Thursday, May 12th
    Hi Friend,

    Many moons ago, I was a burnt-out freelancer, working over capacity but still saying yes to every project or new client, living in fear that one day the well would run dry. Sound familiar?

    One thing I hadn't mastered back then was saying no. It's a struggle for many business owners to say no to revenue-generating work. But it doesn't end there. Great ideas and opportunities get thrown your way, you're inundated with marketing messages packed with bright shiny things, you see competitors making moves you want to make…. The list goes on.

    But as a business owner, focus is key. You've got goals. And knowing when to say no can help keep you on track toward achieving them.

    So, this week, we're sharing some tips on how to say no, communicate well with clients, and set goals (if you haven't already). 

    - Daniel, FreshBooks Editor-in-Chief
    The Art of Saying No (Politely) To a Client
    There are plenty of reasons to say no to a client or a project:
    • You already have too much on your plate
    • The project isn't the right fit
    • The client is notoriously challenging to work with
    There are some situations where it's simply best to say no thanks, and avoid possible resentment, overwhelm, and burnout.
    Have You Heard of Scope Creep? It's Real!
    Picture this: You're in the middle of a project, things are going swell, you're on time and on budget, but suddenly your client asks for a small addition. No problem, you can handle it! But then they ask for another, and then they have feedback on that first small change, and it doesn't stop.

    Before you know it you're completely overwhelmed, and frustrated, and it feels like you've been thrown into the water with the project tied to your ankle like a cinder block.

    This is scope creep, and a good time to say no. This is how you deal with it.
    So...That Thing You Need To Say Is Pretty Awkward, eh?
    As a business owner, you're a multi-hyphenate by trade. You play the HR person, the bookkeeper, the collections agent, the salesperson, the boss…
    Wearing all those hats means, at times, tackling awkward conversations with clients or prospective customers. Like talking about your rates or rate changes, addressing late and overdue payments, and (again) addressing the dreaded scope creep.

    Download our Awkward Conversations eBook for tips on navigating tough conversations.
    Goal-Setting, Where Do You Even Start?
    Psst, here's the thing about goals: They don't have to be big, impressive, life-changing or business-changing things. 

    Of course, we want goals to make meaningful change, so here are some very achievable (and a few ambitious) things you can start on tomorrow. Wait, start today! "Tomorrow" is part of the problem, isn't it?

    Click here to take the first step towards goal-setting.
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