• Are Chanel j12 watches mechanical?


    Whether the Chanel j12 watch is a mechanical watch or a quartz watch depends on the size. Chanel's J12 watch is divided into 33 cm dial size is a quartz watch, 38 cm dial is a mechanical watch.

    Chanel j12 watches have mechanical watches and quartz watches. In simple terms, mechanical watches are driven by machinery. Now many brands of mechanical core watches are made with a transparent feeling on the back, which is very retro, very high-end and has a texture; while quartz watches are If you rely on batteries to travel, people who know watches and love watches will definitely choose mechanical watches and return to the true nature of watches. Mechanical watches are very historical and cultural. Sometimes when you stare at its moving movement, there will be a feeling of calming down and looking back at the past.

    Chanel J12 watch appearance

    Its appearance really shows the high level of Chanel, black and white, simple and textured. The ceramic material has a pure and noble temperament, which is very good with clothes. The new 38mm dial of the mechanical watch can see the movement inside. It is very retro and high-end.

    Chanel J12 with diamonds?

    J12 is also divided into two sizes of dials with diamonds and without diamonds. The 33mm with diamonds is a quartz watch, and the 38mm with diamonds is a mechanical watch core. The difference between diamonds and no diamonds is the diamond. It's very flashy, and of course the price will be much more expensive.

    Chanel J12 color

    The Chanel J12 has two colors, one is black and the other is white. Many boys like the 38mm black dial very much. The black has a mysterious temperament. It is very suitable for both men and women, or it is also very suitable for couples. Yes, black for boys, white for girls, super matching.